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Hello and a warm welcome. I am Lisa Kelly, a Registered Psychotherapist and Certified Gestalt (relational) Therapist with a practice in Relationship Issues Therapy and General Psychotherapy in downtown Toronto. If you are interested in couples counselling or marriage counselling, please also see my "couples" page.

experience and education

Drawing on my relational Gestalt Therapy education - in conjunction with training from world-class couples therapy experts, Terrence Real and Esther Perel, and concepts introduced by Sue Johnson (founder of EFT Couples Therapy), Harville Hendrix (founder of IMAGO couples therapy) and Gary Chapman (author of The 5 Love Languages) - I help couples and individuals with relationship issues, communication, life transitions, self-confidence and other challenges. Chatelaine, Canadian Living and the Toronto Star have interviewed me about relationships. More recently, the BBC asked me about my approach to marriage counselling.

I am a graduate of the Gestalt Institute of Toronto's Post Graduate Program of Training and Supervision in Gestalt Therapy (practised globally) as well as of the institute's Advanced Gestalt Psychotherapy Leadership Program. The entire program - unlike a typical two-year master's degree - involved six years of intensive experiential study, comprehensive personal development and extensive work with therapy clients.

At the Gestalt Institute, I assisted faculty in co-leading workshops for the public as well as personal growth groups for students. Further, the personal development work I engaged in as part of my education enabled me to appreciate my clients’ experience.

In addition to working in private practice, I have co-facilitated family and client groups at Bellwood Health Services – a premier addiction treatment center in Canada that offers a holistic approach.

Prior to my psychotherapy training, I completed three years of undergraduate study at the University of British Columbia and graduated with honours from the Ontario College of Art and Design University.

I am a member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) #001484 and am committed to ongoing professional development as well as to standards of ethical practice.


As a Registered Psychotherapist and Certified Gestalt Therapist practising relational /Gestalt therapy in Toronto, I am passionate about understanding your concerns, being emotionally present to you, collaborating with you to explore possibilities and empowering you to handle your communication and relationship issues. I have been told that I am friendly, have a warm, gentle presence and quickly sense what is at the heart of the matter.


Couples Counselling and Marriage Counselling

If you are trying to find the best couples, pre marital or marriage counsellor for your relationship, consider working with a Gestalt therapist. Gestalt therapy - a world-renowned form of relational psychotherapy - develops your ability to relate and connect. Through communication coaching and customized relational exercises, a Gestalt therapist can empower you to communicate and engage more effectively.

As a communication skills and relational therapy professional, my aim is to facilitate a constructive, heart-to-heart conversation in which you and your partner discuss the experiences, feelings, fears, wounds, needs and hopes which drive your interactions together. From there, I support you in actualizing a more fulfilling dynamic for the long run. With your commitment to this process, you will likely feel increasingly connected and better able to handle your challenges as a couple.


Therapy for Individuals: Life Transitions, Relationship Issues, Communication, Self-Esteem etc.

In individual therapy, the focus is on you - on how you feel, what you need and on changes you can make on your own behalf. For example, if you have not been feeling like a priority to your partner, family or friends, and your requests for more attention have gone unanswered, you might start taking more of an interest in your own feelings and needs. Seeing a therapist is a great first step. You may then decide to spend more time with people who are responsive to you and who prioritize you. You might also hone the way you communicate - expressing yourself honestly, concisely and with sensitivity. You may become skilled at making small, specific requests or at really hearing and responding to others. As a result of making these and other kinds of changes, you may experience a shift for the better in your well-being. You might also begin to feel a deeper sense of connection in your relationship/s.

To help you gain the self-knowledge that leads to health and balance, I encourage you to identify and feel your emotions, to notice your reactions, and to get curious about your impact. I also invite you to explore new ways to express yourself and to satisfy your needs. Where your reactions prevent you from getting the most out of the present, I support you in emotionally resolving the experiences at their root. In doing so, I help you develop ways of being and relating that draw on all aspects of who you are.

Therapy can be transforming: With your increased self-awareness and ability to relate assertively, you may choose to be with soul-nourishing people, get involved in uplifting activities or create fulfilling ways to earn a living. In some relationships, you may deepen intimacy, balance vulnerability with independence, and negotiate for change. In other relationships, you may set boundaries, define your bottom line and possibly decide to call it quits.

Because I know therapy is potentially life-changing, I take a sincere interest in supporting you in your personal growth. Please see my "home" page for more information.

Gestalt Therapist Toronto

what is gestalt therapy?

Gestalt therapy is a world renowned form of relational psychotherapy which develops your ability to connect with yourself and others. Gestalt therapy empowers you to interact, engage, respond and communicate more effectively - thereby enhancing the quality of your relationships. Practiced by gestalt therapists around the world, gestalt therapy can help you to take increasing responsibility for your own well-being.

Gestalt therapy is based on the idea that our well-being is determined by the quality of our relationships with ourselves and others. Most of us have "unfinished emotional business" and ineffective patterns that block our ability to connect with our feelings, needs and other people. As a result, we go through life feeling disconnected, numb, depressed, anxious, lost or stuck.

A gestalt therapist raises your awareness of how you block connection with yourself and others and empowers you to engage differently. S/he does this by gently drawing attention to your habitual responses and by helping you to resolve the past experiences or internal conflict at their root.

Gestalt therapy, through its unique therapeutic approach, equips you to become the director of your life: Gestalt therapy is experiential, meaning that within therapy, you are invited to explore new ways of expressing yourself and connecting with others. It is holistic in that your thoughts, feelings, experiences, internal struggles, unresolved emotional issues, family history, relationship dynamics, body sensations, physical tension, non-verbal expression and social/ cultural /political context are all considered in the therapy process. Gestalt therapy is relational in that it develops your ability to interact, respond, engage and communicate more effectively. The result is often a greater sense of depth, connection, meaning, authernticity and fulfillment in your relationships and sense of self.

Gestalt Therapists Toronto

motivation as a gestalt therapist

Sharing the journey with people, as they experience some of the most profound emotional moments in their lives, is a true privilege. As my clients heal, grow and explore their potential, they apply their new-found skills to all areas of their lives and make the world a healthier place.

I have experience working with individuals and couples who are:
Gestalt Therapy Toronto
straight, same-sex, mixed-culture, mature, young, retired, professionals, students, Aboriginal, new Canadians, and Canadians who also identify as Asian, African, Persian, South Asian, West Indian, Russian, Italian, European, two-spirited, queer, bi-sexual, gay, lesbian, married, engaged, separated, common-law, dating etc.

Please see my couples page for communication skills and common relationship issues.

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Gestalt Therapist, Couples Counsellor for Relationship Issues serving LGBTQ and straight people from Toronto, downtown Toronto, Cabbagetown, Riverdale, East York, Rosedale, Leslieville, the Distillery, St. Lawrence Market and the GTA.



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